Smart Smith – India’s one of the top IT Company, bought domain name for $3.6 Million (Approx 25 Crores Rupees), making it one of world’s most expensive domain till date. The deal was done in June 2018, but was made public on 3 August 2018. The seller is a resident of Mumbai, India whose name was not revealed.  The deal was completely done offline, with no broker site involved. The complete amount will be received by the buyer after tax deduction, which is a huge profit for him.

Smart Smith is a International Company which designs Websites and Computer Softwares for companies around the world. The company is lead by young Software Engineers of India, with the passion and enthusiasm. Smart Smith is working on a new project (which they don’t want to reveal currently) to launch on the domain name However, they are still open to resell the domain to any good buyer if worth the deal. The original website on the domain is still active, displaying the domain purchase options and domain features, but it is now under control of Smart Smith.

Smart Smith actively invests in the potential domains and resells most of them for a better price, or shares in startup company buying the domain name. Smart Smith uses AI technology, developed by their engineers, which analysis the potential domain names from multiple prospectives. The company officials said, that they saw huge potential in domain name, and it could be of a great value to them in future. This is the biggest deal by Smart Smith. The second highest deal was done by Smart Smith for it’s own  domain name worth $1.3 Million. was sale for very short time before the deal, and the company saw potential in the domain name, and feels that it is worth even more, and that it is a great deal for them. Abattu is a french word which is actually meaningful, unlike other domain names.There is no other businesses currently with same name, which gives monopoly for the startup with this name, and frees them from a lot of competition. the domain name is SEO friendly, and any startup or project on this domain name should become popular in very short time.

The company is very positive with this deal, and hopes for the best for their progress with this domain name.